Saturday, November 17, 2012

An Interview with runner Bob Schwartz

Why do you run, when did you start? I began running way back when I was 11 years old at summer camp where I'd run 5-8 miles with the counselors who ran.  It then became part of my daily life and has been for over 40 years now.  People do what they want to do and that's why I run.  It works for me. There's an almost endless list of reasons that I run, including the euphoric/physical feeling it brings and because it's something that I can completely control from the when, the where, the how fast, how long etc.  The main reason I run is simply because it's my passion to enjoy that time outside with my thoughts, feeling fully engaged and immersed in the moment.

How much do you run? Do you do straight mileage or any speed work? I run in the range of 60-70 miles per week.  I try to vary what I do on my daily run from a few days that are easy distance to one day of fartlek, to a day including a tempo run etc.  It brings me greater enjoyment to bring some variety to my daily run.
Where is your favorite run anywhere in the world, and why?  I'm lived in some beautiful spots in the country from Boulder, CO to Eugene, OR but I'm partial to those handful of times that I've been in northern Michigan during the height of the leaves changing their color in autumn.  To experience a trail run through a kaleidoscope of colors is simply gorgeous and a wonderful experience.
Do you work out writing ideas while running? How does running affect your writing? I work out everything during my runs from writing to other work related issues, to family etc.  It's clearly a time to be alone with your thoughts and problem solve without interruption. Most of my writing related ideas will emerge on a run; the key being to try and remember them by the time I return home.