Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Albert Camus' "The Algerian Chronicles"


Thursday, May 9, 7PM
"Discussion of Albert Camus' Algerian Chronicles
(First English translation by Arthur Goldhammer, Harvard University Press, 2013)
With Editor of the new edition 
and staff writer at The New Yorker ADAM GOPNIK

Harvard University Press will release the first English translation of The Algerian Chronicles this May. First published in 1958, it's a fascinating collection of Camus' writings on the issues surrounding French/ Algerian relations, as he approaches the pressing issues of poverty and corruption, terrorism and injustice, family and colonialism - with a very reflective, well researched, but also sensitive journalistic eye. The book gives us insight into the personal basis for much of Camus' political thought, and is a beautiful example of a thinker grappling with nearly impossible situations (very similar to many global situations today).

"Believe me when I tell you that Algeria is where I hurt at this moment," Camus writes, "as others feel pain in their lungs."

Alice Kaplan is the Editor of this new publication, and has written a wonderful, insightful introduction. She will be in conversation with Adam Gopnik, author and staff writer at The New Yorker.