Sunday, September 30, 2007

Week Thirty Nine, Book Fifty Two

Vaast Bin; n ephemerisi
Michael Peters

This is the second book I read from Calamari Press and definitely not the last. I am not really sure what to make of this collection of poems and images. Supporting the poem objects are drawings by Michael Peters, that compliment the text objects. At first, it was hard to process all the math and science terminology (if that is even a correct label) and interpret the visuals at the same time. As I let myself go and scamper through the language, I could not help but hear ambient sounds in my head. Thus begins the ironic part of my week. A fellow writer and friend made me a double CD of ambient sounds this past week and I could have easily listened to them and read this book simultaneously. I am not going to pretend to understand what Peters is talking about in his poetry, but I do love that he turned me on to some interesting vocabulary. I will be looking for more writings by Peters and plan on checking out the band he performs in called Poem Rocket. If you want to know more about the author; his visual poetry has appeared in galleries, anthologies, and exhibits, and can be found in various special collections and avant-garde libraries.

[ Vaast Bin is available now through Calamari Press]