Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who is JK Savoy?

JK Savoy has always learned by doing. He has been a restaurateur, pilot to a legendary fugitive financier, a political candidate while barely old enough to vote and a corporate executive. Sickened by the moral void of corporate power games and racism, he abandoned all possessions choosing to become a street urchin. His first novel, Somewhere in Brooklyn , chronicles his adventures of living on the streets of 1970s Brooklyn were he survived by trading loose joints for food and favors. This ended with his creation of the celebrated Brooklyn moving company, Kenny the Mover, from the Minibus he slept in. The success of Somewhere in Brooklyn as a cult favorite prompted him to write two more novels, Night Bird and In The Wind. JK Savoy no longer lives on the street.

Click here to read a few excerpts from his writings.