Friday, August 28, 2009

Zachary Schomburg

The Man Suit

Book Eighteen
The Man Suit, a debut from poet Zachary Schomburg, is a collection of surreal prose poems with a sprinkle of realism. He takes us through the world of doppelgangers, talking animals and dead presidents. This book is layered with a great combination of artwork and space, allowing the reader a canvas to paint, while wrapping their head around the poetry by Schomberg. You will love the oddly wild index in the back of the book and I myself found it helpful and funny at the same time. Some of the poems in this volume first appeared in Fence, tarpaulin Sky and the Canary. "Abraham Lincoln's Death Scene" first appeared as a chapbook from Horse Less Press and "The Truth About Canada" first appeared as a tinyside from Big Game Books. Check out Black Ocean for a wide variety of mediums in the vain of art and humanity.

Praise for The Man Suit:
"Zachary Schomburg's 'The Man Suit' comes to us from the past but it is a thoroughly new book. It comes to us out of the familiar and it strikes us in the face with its novelty. You will recognize your own history, the history of our nation, the influence of Mad Magazine and Benjamin Peret. And underneath it all, and what holds it all together, however unlikely, is the deep and abiding love of the little things that make up our days."--Matthew Rohrer

"It is a rare and fine thing when a poet momentarily affiliates his words and his cadences with the entirety of a world, thus freeing his poem from all burden of mediation, all transgression. In our own era, Rene Char and Pablo Neruda come most vividly to mind in this regard. With 'The Man Suit,' Zachary Schomburg, quietly but with deep conviction, begins to join their company. His book is a blessing."--Donald Revell

"Zachary Schomburg is a wildly imaginative poet who will take you many places you've never been or even dreamed of, always with grace and quirky humor. Whether you are caught in Abraham Lincoln's Death Scene or the Sea of Japan, you are certain to enjoy the original vision of this highly entertaining poet. It's a book like no other."--James Tate