Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bill Cotter

Fever Chart

by Bill Cotter

According to McSweeney's...Hardcover

Bill Cotter's Fever Chart is at last available to the reading public, and thank goodness, because it is tremendous, and eminently readable on every level, pitch-black hysterical and breathtakingly written and terrifyingly exact in its account of one man's misery and joy—you will, we really believe, be floored by the things its hero endures, and sent airborne by the way Cotter tells it, which we understand is contradictory but trust us this book will knock you around and it will be worth it. So far as we know, everyone who's read this book has loved it, (Wells Tower says it proves there's still "fierce life in the American tongue") but many more people, you all included, need to— pick up a copy without delay.

“Bill Cotter’s Fever Chart proves there is still fresh wit and fierce life in the American tongue. Read this book." —Wells Tower

“As a blurber I am required to say ‘Edgar Rice Burroughs meets Thomas Pynchon’ or ‘George Saunders meets Mickey Spillane.’ But the truth is I’m not sure who’s meeting whom. All I know is they’re meeting on a teacup ride in a seedy amusement park, a teacup ride that has miserably failed its inspection, making the experience pleasantly familiar but alarmingly skewed, full of fun but deadly dangerous. You’ll be dizzy when it’s over if it doesn’t fly apart and chop your head off. But the ride is worth it.” —Jack Pendarvis