Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Maestro of the male confessional"

by Nick Hornby
Book Twenty-One

I would first like to say, "Thank You" to Mr. Hornby for making my "to read" list longer. This is the third collection of columns, by the author, that I read and have to say probably the most interesting. Hornby who is mainly known for his novels turned into movies, has managed to suck me in once again with his list of books he has purchased for a month and books he actually has read. The reader feels like they are witness to a private diary of accomplishments and regrets. The style is brilliant and a must read for any bibliophile. Read on Mr. Hornby, read on!

With an affectionate introduction by Sarah Vowell, this is the third and final collection of columns by celebrated novelist Nick Hornby from The Believer magazine. Hornby's monthly reading diary is unlike any arts column in any other publication; it discusses cultural artifacts the way they actually exist in people's lives. Hornby is a voracious and unapologetic reader, and his notes on books — highbrow and otherwise — are always accessible and hilarious.
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