Sunday, October 18, 2009

Malilenas is funded in part by the Fund for Poetry



Something feeds me zeros until

all my energy is consumed
in error correction.
I find myself
on a path I did not ask for
along an arc I cannot prevent.
I cannot prevent arcs.
I cannot prevent paths
in the form of mathematical certainty
or probability.
Something feeds me,
and all my riches are immaterial. No matter
what I have done, or do, or will do,
probability will save me.

Destitute of worth, having no value.
Destitute of words, having no significance.
Though I meant what I said and
wrote and, writing off
the wreck and the reckoner
cash out in the everyday.
What a beautiful accident! Can I say that?
That’s life, she said.
Capitalize on past mistakes and still you
need a good business sense.
A calculated risk, a cultivated loss—
form a bond with abandon
all you bonds, form
and be content. For whom
and how many
and how many times you begin again
depends on how many times you end.