Sunday, November 22, 2009


The idea behind the write-a-thon will be similar to bowl-a-thons, or walk-a-thons, or, well you get the picture - other a-thons that you've probably supported or participated in during your lifetime, only with writing being the catalyst to the raising of funds. For one day, people will volunteer to write to help raise money, and they will ask people to fill out a donation sheet to support their efforts.

For volunteers

1. Thursday, December 17 thorugh Sunday December 20, 2009.
Last year we ran the write-a-thon on a single day and many authors were upset that they already had unbreakable plans for that date. This way if an author are available on any, or all, of the four dates, they can participate.
These will be the dates that those helping out Dzanc Books by raising money will be writing. Again I'm asking that you authors out there please consider being one of those that help us raise money that day. If you are interested, please email us at

2. Dzanc Books will provide a donation request email for those authors participating.

3. Your sponsors will be able to make donation pledges through our website (this will be set up early next week) via Paypal, or if they prefer to donate by check, an address will be provided. We will provide the sponsors with a tax receipt immediately this year - last year we used a mass emailing method after the event was over, and heard from some people well after the fact that they did not receive that email, so we will not use that same plan this year.

4. The mornings of the 17th through the 20th, we will send out a prompt or topic, and will post it on our website. Writers will then spend the day writing stories, or poems, or essays, using that prompt or topic (this will give those sponsoring an understanding that the work done was all done on during the write-a-thon dates).

5. Those donating will be sent proof of your participation via email. We will send out the proof of participation notices beginning on Monday the 21st.

Our goal for this event, considering there are over 2000 writers in the
Emerging Writers Network, is $20,000, or, an average of $10 raised per person. To put this in a proper context, that would pay for just under 3 full Dzanc Writer in Residence Programs, or the Dzanc Prize plus approximately 2 full DWIRPs. We will obviously be thrilled to find out after the fact that we were shortchanging ourselves with that goal. We do hope each and every member of EWN, and those who have become fans of Dzanc, will participate in our inaugural Write-A-Thon.

Your support means everything to us. We at Dzanc are truly trying to make a contribution through our charity programs and the works we publish, and while we are dedicated and diligent and will not fail in our intent, without your support, our efforts become increasingly difficult. We thank you in advance for joining us in our Write-A-Thon and your continual support of our programs and authors.

Again, for those that wish to participate, or those who wish to donate but do not know of any writers that will be participating, please contact us at Dzanc Books will also be giving a set of our Dzanc 2009 titles (from Mike Czyzniejewski's story collection through Laura van den Berg's collection) to the writer that raises the most money.

Thank you,

Dan Wickett
EWN/Dzanc Books