Saturday, March 31, 2012

Asks one of the most controversial and important questions of our time. What do we do with a child that commits murder?

The Ripple Effect by Ken Coleman
A cold blooded murder is committed in a sleepy, quiet, North Carolina town. The Ripple Effect explains, the character of a man is not in the way he acts. It’s in the way he reacts, even more so, the way he reacts to tragedy. Because, in one moment in time, through controversy and the court of public opinion, everything can change.
The story explores the relationship of a solid, Godly family that breaks, as well as a broken family that find their way back together.  Sterling Sharpe, the suave and handsome defense attorney, uses the event to rekindle past relationships, while the urban and gritty talk show host Great Dane, uses the controversy to gain national popularity. The riveting tale is not so much about true crime, as much as it is real life.