Thursday, May 3, 2012


May 20 - 23, 2012

As part of the Streetopia Exhibition at the Luggage Store Gallery this May, Booklyn artist and curator Marshall Weber is doing a 72 hour recitation of poetry on the streets of San Francisco. Weber will walk around the city reciting poetry that he thinks is appropriate to the locations he ends up at - a little Gregory Corso near his old apartment at 2004 Taylor Street, a little Alphonso Texidor in front of La Boheme, you get the drift...  

The performance will start at the Tenderloin National Forest /509 Cultural Center (509 Ellis Street, S.F.) on Sunday May 20, 2012 at about 6pm, following a performance by Ryder Cooley. The Crawl will end on May 23rd whenever Weber passes out on the streets drunk from poetry and fatigue.

Poetry and book donations are being accepted through May 16, 2012. For more information, see