Thursday, June 28, 2012

Excuse Me, I Think You Dropped Your Dreams

Poet and multimedia artist Charly the city mouse Fasano to release an interactive book of poems using QR Codes in order to bring together print and digital media.

Excuse Me, I Think You Dropped Your Dreams is the newest book of poems by Charly the city mouse Fasano to be released by Fast Geek Press on June 28, 2012. It is a multimedia book that allows the reader to interact with the poems by scanning QR Codes with their “smart” phone to access Fasano’s self produced short films and recordings . Usually seen adorning billboards, print ads and concert flyers, the QR Code (otherwise known as “robot vomit”) is used by Fasano as a tool to bring his art together in one place by integrating print and digital media. 

The poems, films and recordings included in Excuse Me, I Think You Dropped Your Dreams are Charly the city mouse Fasano’s examination of what he calls the “American mental recession.” Fasano explores the notion that the last decade has not only been economically recessive but dominated by cultural devaluation and self destruction. It is Fasano’s brain movie about how the world was and what it has become. 

Charly the city mouse Fasano is a poet and artist from Denver, Colorado. He read his poems with and shared the stage with bands like Lucero, Drag the River, Crime in Stereo, Madson Jones, Land Lines and The Queers. He is the founder Fast Geek Press, Pretend You Can Reab audio zine, and As Well As Magazine. He has released a vinyl EP, a CD, two cassette tapes and two books of poems. Fasano's poems have appeared in Yellow Rake, Lubricated Magazine, Syntax Magazine, and Growing Strange Magazine. His latest book of poems, Next Analog Broadcast (2011) was published by Sunnyoutside Press.

This is a link to one of the short films included in the book

Charly the city mouse Fasano's website

Links to audio recordings included in the book