Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Mobius Strip of Ifs is the winner of the 2012 National Indie Excellence Awards in the non-fiction category of autobiography/memoirs.

From the author: I authored The i Tetralogy, a Holocaust novel, winner of the Allbooks Review Editor’s Choice Award, and Down to a Sunless Sea, a collection of short fiction, finalist for the Indie Excellence Book Awards.

This Mobius Strip of Ifs, a new book of essays and memoirs written over four decades, a kind of  Bilsdungroman of my psychological life as a writer, psychotherapist, spiritual seeker, and teacher was published in February.

Midwest Book Review writes: We often live in lives of regret and unfulfilled dreams. "This  Mobius Strip of Ifs" is a collection of essays from Mathias B. Freese as he discusses American culture and how we determine our goals and dreams, as well as our doubts. Speaking clearly on this history and offering much pondering on the nature of the truths of the world, "This Mobius Strip of Ifs" is a thoughtful and inspirational collection of essays on psychology, philosophy, and thought, very much recommended. 
Synopsis: A mixture of the author’s reminiscences, insights, observations, and criticism, This Möbius Strip of Ifs examines the use and misuse of psychotherapy, childhood trauma, complicated family relationships, his frustration as a teacher, and the enduring value of tenaciously writing through it all. Freese scathingly describes the conditioning society imposes upon artists and awakened souls.