Saturday, February 2, 2013


Released Thanksgiving Day, EVICTION NOTICE is a science fiction thriller by author Robyn Wyrick and published by Tantor Media. EVICTION NOTICE was recently featured on, Goodreads and in Publishers WeeklyHooked In A Book labeled it as “a truly enjoyable read that every Sci-fi adventurist will love”.

Eviction Notice is a raucous Science Fiction adventure about Alice Able, an Iowa divorcee at the end of her rope. In the minutes before ending it all, she's approached by a well man in a suit, explaining that the human race is being evicted from Earth. Humanity's survival in the balance, Alice has to find a way to stop the eviction. Alice's country-girl earnestness and sincerity drives her transformation from hopelessness to hero. Eviction Notice is packed with comic missteps, alien abductions, romantic revival, space battles, invisible lawyers, rednecks with super powers, and a great mash-up of Sci-fi fun.