Sunday, February 24, 2013

Some eBook titles

Some eBook titles that have only been available at the Dzanc website to date are now available at Amazon (and for those of you with Nooks, iPads, etc, will soon be available from those retailers as well). These include the 7 Mudluscious Press titles, as well as some of our rEprint titles:

Dancing Lessons by Olive Senior
The Lemon Grove by Ali Hosseini
14 Stories by Stephen Dixon
Time  to Go by Stephen Dixon
The Return of Service by Jonathan Baumbach
Seasons Smooth & Unperplext by Henry R. Williams

and the Mudluscious Press titles

How the Days of Love & Diptheria by Robert Kloss
When all our days are numbered... by Sasha Fletcher
Meat is All by Andrew Borgstrom
The Hieroglyphics by Michael Stewart
I Am a Very Productive Entrepreneur by Mathias Svalina
Grim Tales by Norm Lock
An Island of Fifty by Ben Brooks

Again these titles are also available at the Dzanc website, but for those of you that prefer buying from the vendor that sold you your eReader, you now have access.