Sunday, April 7, 2013

Eviction Notice by Robyn Wyrick

eviction notice
When a group of teenage kids make a crop-circle out in a corn field as their senior high school prank it doesn't quite go as planned. They accidentally create a landing beacon for an alien spaceship and a premise for a first novel. So begins Eviction Notice, a fun and lighthearted adventure story about hope, adventure, and amazing second chances.
In enters our savior. "In a few moments she would reach over to the end table and pick up a handful of pills and her glass of wine. And soon this nice man and his magical beast would lead her off into oblivion, all her cares forgotten."

After her marriage goes south and she sees no reason to continue on,.Alice Abel attempts to commit suicide, but a knock at the door by Inspector Clayton changes her life forever. He tells her that Humans have to vacate the planet or face a forced eviction into deep space where they will all die. She is not at all convinced by him and thinks that she must be losing her mind. She next meets Inspector Tyler, an eight-foot tall Wolzon Strangle Beast with four arms, a huge fang-filled mouth, and a well tailored tweed suit and starts to believe that these two are going to take her to heaven. It is ironic that a woman who was about to end her own life is now asked to save the world. Alice is a strong heroine and the trip she takes you on is a humorous adventure with tons of twists and turns. You will find yourself rooting for her throughout the entire story. She is honest and charming and these two qualities help her evolve from down on her luck to the luckiest character in the book.

Although, I am not a real fan of science fiction, I thoroughly enjoyed the format of this book. The book follows several subplots, where some chapters are Alice’s story with the investigators, some chapters are the high school kids with the Glen Fairy and some are the aliens trying to find the Glen Fairy. Eviction Notice is packed with alien abductions, space battles, and lost alien cargo. The characters are clever and the dialogue is witty. I recommend this to older teens and adults. This is the type of book you could lay on the beach and read or plow through on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It was not too heady and had just the right balance of action and humor.