Tuesday, May 21, 2013


May 20, 2013, Ann Arbor, MI-Dzanc Books is pleased to announce that Stephen Policoff is the winner of our 2012 mid-career novelist award. Policoff's manuscript,Come Away, was selected from nearly 100 submissions. This collection will be published in October 2014.
Dzanc co-founder and publisher, Steven Gillis said of the manuscript: "Stephen Policoff's Come Away is the sort of book that leaves you in awe of the way the universal subject of love and parenting and the complexities of human relationships can be handled here in such a new and inspiring way. By refusing to rely on pyrotechnics, though with just enough hint of magic realism and a post-modern narrative, Policoff more than ever burns onto the reader's consciousness a full and new wonderful understanding of what it means to be completely vulnerable to and unconditionally loving and exposed by the things closest to us. Dzanc is excited to have Policoff's Come Away named as the winner of our mid-career novelist award and look forward to publishing this amazing novel in October 2014."

Stephen Policoff's first novel,Beautiful Somewhere Else, won the James Jones Award and was published by Carroll & Graf in 2004. His essay, "Music Today?" about his disabled daughter's experience in music therapy, won the Fish Short Memoir Award, and was published in Fish Anthology 2012 (West Cork University Press, Ireland). It also appears in the current issue of the new parenting magazine, Kindling. His essays and fiction have appeared in a wide variety of publications, including The Rumpus, Otis Nebula, Provincetown Arts, and Family Fun. He teaches writing in Global Liberal Studies at NYU, and lives in New York with his two daughters.

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