Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jac Jemc's My Only Wife

Jac Jemc's My Only Wife is now available via Dzanc's website in both print and eBook form (Amazon also has the eBook available now). The print book will be in stores in the next week or so, but feel absolutely free to hit your local indie now  and ask them to order it for you if they don't have it in stock.

The My Only Wifestory of a husband frozen by his grief, obsessed with the wife who left him suddenly ten years ago, offering him no reason for her disappearance nor a chance to change her mind. Throughout the novel, the narrator's remembrances of his wife alternate between romantic and alarming, his own understanding of their relationship shifting as each brief episode related exposes the mystery behind who the wife was to him, and what he might truly have meant to her. Even better, every page of the book hums with Jac's gorgeous, lyric prose.

Blake Butler, author of the novelThere is No Year, recently said that "Jac Jemc's My Only Wife operates with the calm, pristine clarity of an enormous marble room. In moving, methodically arranged sentences, one comes across the surpassing surfaces and relics of a kind of intimacy that seems an increasingly difficult proposition to rightly preserve. At last, here is a novel concerned with timeless dedication, love, and respect, which phrased through Jac Jemc's steady warming eye needs no punchline or coincidence or cataclysm to give true glow to the glow itself."  

Jac Jemc's work has appeared in The Denver Quarterly, Caketrain, Handsome, and Sleepingfish, among others. She is the author of a chapbook of stories, These Strangers She'd Invited In (Greying Ghost Press) and the poetry editor for decomP Magazine.