Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kickstarter Project

Dzanc has had a fundraising project accepted by Kickstarter--and it is specifically about our rEprint series.

A bit from the About page of the Kickstarter Page:

As part of our mission to publish great works of literary fiction and nonfiction, Dzanc Books has expanded its publishing to include eBooks. Working with a great staff and distribution, Dzanc has created its rEprint series, the first of its kind, specifically dedicated to bringing back in eBook form works of deserving authors. Included in our current and forthcoming list of some 350 titles are Stephen Dixon, Michael Martone, Jonathan Baumbach, Joseph McElroy, Stephen Graham Jones and National Book Award winner Ellen Gilchrist. Dzanc provides all authors with a generous 50% royalty. It is Dzanc's plan to increase our eBook list to over 1000 titles in 2012 for readers to enjoy.

The process to convert these out of print titles is both time consuming and costly with Dzanc Books spending over $250 per title prior to their being available to readers. Raising the $3500 through this Kickstarter Project will help us offset costs and allow us to bring more books into the rEprint Series and at a more rapid pace.