Sunday, April 6, 2014

News from Calamari Press

Calamari Press is pleased to announce the release of NICETIES: AURAL ARDOR, PARDON ME by Elizabeth Mikesch:

Also forthcoming soon (March 1) is DEEP ELLUM by Brandon Hobson & a re-issue of TRAVEL NOTES by Stanley Crawford. 

SLEEPINGFISH is also now open for submissions. The bad news is that Sleepingfish issue ∞ will be the final issue, the good news is that it will be indefinitely ongoing (online). Posted recently was the first issue of Process News  (before they changed the name to CITY MOON)—a newspaper that David Ohle & Roger Martin published in the early 70s to 80s:

If you're in Seattle next week for AWP, Calamari Press will be at table CC27. Brandon Hobson & Elizabeth Mikesch will be there too. Stop by & say hi. 
Otherwise, Calamari Press is also offering omakase-inspired selections of books in packages of 5 (for $40) and 8 (for $50):