Sunday, April 6, 2014

The 2014 Leapfrog Fiction Contest is open for entries from January 15 to May 1.

What to Enter
The contest is for Adult Fiction and Children's Fiction (middle grade and YA only*). Any novella- or novel-length work of fiction, including short-story collections, not previously published** is eligible. The minimum length is 22,000*** words; there is no maximum length.

All unpublished stories submitted in short-story collections will automatically be considered for publication in Crossborder.

* Middle grade fiction is loosely defined here as novels for 4th-8th graders, usually featuring a protagonist in that age group. YA or young adult novels can be for age 13 and up, approximately. If you are unsure whether your novel is YA or adult, it is fine to indicate "YA/adult." We are not picky about labels. We do not accept picture books for young children or any books with color illustrations.

** Previously self-published books that have no more than 100 copies in circulation will be considered "unpublished" and may be submitted. Short stories that have been published in literary journals may be included in collections.

*** "Why can't my manuscript be less than 22,000 words?" We have set this as a rough minimum because a certain length is needed to create a book. Even 22,000 words makes for a tiny book indeed, in height, width, and thickness. Anything less, and there would be no spine possible. A "long" short story might run 20,000 words, and would not make a stand-alone book. If your manuscript is just under that minimum, but you feel it is strong and large in concept, though short on words, we will not automatically disqualify it from the contest. Be sure that if it is for children it is for at least an advanced 8-year-old. To get a sense of our middle grade books, take a look at the novels of BB Wurge or Mick Carlon (you can use the "search inside" feature on Amazon).